Take the pledge and join Walmart workers on Black Friday this year:

This Black Friday, I will stand with Walmart workers and support their calls for change at Walmart. I will indicate at right how I can help.

Why It's Important:

Over the last year, we have seen Walmart respond to workers' calls for change by trying to gloss over the issues with a massive multi-million dollar PR campaign. The public has not been fooled. The workers' actions and Walmart's extreme response of firing and disciplining those who speak out have led many to seriously question the company's relationship with workers throughout its supply chain. A number of pension funds have even divested.

Black Friday is the most important day of the year for retailers like Walmart and is an essential moment for sending the company a message. Walmart workers have pledged to make Black Friday 2013 a day to remember. They need your support.

The company and our country are at a critical crossroads. As many of the new jobs created by the recovery are low-wage, retail jobs, it is essential to the future of the middle class that we make sure the country's largest retailer is providing decent jobs that allow a family to live above the poverty line. Walmart workers are leading this movement for change and they need our support.


On September 5th, Walmart workers took dramatic action. Across the country, thousands of community supporters and workers held protests in 15 cities. More than 100 people were arrested for participating in peaceful civil disobedience and standing up for a real wage and the right to come together and speak out for change at Walmart. An illegally disciplined worker had her disciplinary actions rescinded, but the group continues to mobilize for Walmart to publicly commit to a real wage of at least $25,000 annually and the reinstatement and removal of all illegal firings and/or disciplinary actions against more than 70 workers for going out on strike.