Change Walmart | No to Walmart-Style Classrooms

No to Walmart-Style Classrooms

Dear Walmart Owner Rob Walton:

I’m standing with teachers to call on your family to immediately stop funding attempts to close our schools and take much needed funding from public education.


Why to Act Now:

We all know that Walmart has a bad reputation when it comes to the treatment of their workers. What you may not know is that the Walton family, who owns Walmart, is also trying to spread the Walmart business model to our classrooms.

Through their family foundation, the Waltons have spent more than $1 billion to support the privatization of our public schools. They’ve funded an aggressive corporate education agenda that has resulted in mass school closures and moving our public education tax dollars to for-profit schools. Most troublesome, the Waltons often seek to close schools in the very same low-income communities of color where their workers reside.

Now, teachers are fighting back. Across the country, educators have started to speak out against Walton-funded school closures. One Philadelphia school teacher even launched a petition calling on his peers to shop elsewhere until the Waltons change their way.

As community members, we need to support teachers who are bravely speaking out for the future of our schools and our children. Sign this petition to call for an end to the Walmartization of education!


From dozens of school closures to fighting against universal pre-K, the Walton family is using its massive Walmart fortune to undermine our public schools. We know that poverty is one of the biggest factors affecting student achievement. As owners of the largest private employer in America, the Waltons have the opportunity to single handedly raise hundreds of thousands of moms and dads out of poverty. Instead, they not only actively work against our nation’s public education system, but continue to contribute to the economic insecurity that keeps so many kids from getting the education they need and deserve.

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