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Walmart: Reinstate Laid Off Workers

Dear Doug McMillon:

I was angered to find out that you abruptly closed multiple Walmart stores around the country, giving workers only hours’ notice that they may not have a job. But I was appalled to hear that one of those stores just happened to be home to some of the most vocal workers in the country.

I call on you, as President & CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., to make sure that all of the workers whose store you abruptly closed are reinstated to their store once it reopens.


Why to Act Now:

On Monday, April 13th, 2015, Walmart gave 530 Southern California workers just hours’ notice that the store would be shut down indefinitely. The closed store was home to workers who were the first in the country to bravely go on strike at Walmart, sparking a nationwide movement for better conditions and respect. Workers at this store have been some of the most vocal about the need for change at America’s largest private employer, and have a history of being retaliated against by the company. On Black Friday of 2014, workers from this store led the way with the first ever sit-down strike inside a Walmart to protest the company’s illegal attempts to retaliate against workers who stood up for themselves and their coworkers.

Walmart announced that it is closing the California supercenter along with four other stores across the country due to alleged plumbing problems. Workers at the store were laid off without guarantee they'd even get their jobs back when their stores reopen. Now that Walmart plans to reopen the store in Pico Rivera, it's only fair that all workers should get their jobs back.

Especially with such short notice, this decision will harm hundreds of families. The closure of this Walmart store is yet another form of retaliation against California workers that have stood up and spoken out for change at the retail giant. Workers will continue to fight back to create a better Walmart for themselves, their families and their community.

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