The Time for Silence is Over

Dear Walmart Board of Directors:

We call on you to end management’s illegal assault on workers’ right. Walmart’s attempts to intimidate, threaten and terminate Walmart workers who speak out for better pay, more hours and respect at work are illegal and must end.

These actions are an assault on every American’s right to come together and speak out for a better future.

We urge you to call on Walmart to end its illegal disciplinary actions and terminations. We call on you to immediately reinstate all Walmart workers who were fired for simply exercising their rights.


In early June, more than 100 Walmart workers went out on a legally protected strike. They protested Walmart’s attempts to silence them when they spoke out against Walmart’s poverty jobs with the longest-ever strike against the company.

Apparently that got Walmart’s attention.

Since last the strike, Walmart responded by illegally firing or disciplining more than 60 workers.

When Walmart workers fought back by staging a sit-in at Yahoo! headquarters, where Walmart board member Marissa Mayer is CEO, 3 OUR Walmart members and 2 protesters were arrested!

Show your support for the Walmart strikers and help us reinstate and have disciplinary actions removed from the Walmart 60!